Vera Martin Lynch

Vera Martin Lynch was born in Central City, Nebraska in 1898, and moved as a child to the state of Washington. Prior to her marriage in 1922, she taught elementary school. In 1923, she moved to Oregon City, Oregon, where she remained the rest of her life. She was widowed in 1936 and devoted the years until after WWII to raising her family of five children.

Mrs. Lynch began her literary career with newspaper writing and authored a daily column for the local newspaper, the Enterprise-Courier. This led to an interest in Oregon history that culminated in a history of Clackamas County entitled Free Land for Free Men, published in 1973. While doing research for her column and book she interviewed many members of Oregon pioneer families, and over and over again, stories of the brave pioneer mothers were told to her. And so, after Free Land was published, she wrote Rainbow's Gold. It was her last work, completed by her daughter Aileen Fisher after her death in Oregon City, on March 8, 1975. 

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