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Our theology miscellany closely resembles the Island of Misfit Toys—except they're books, and they aren't on an island, and they aren't really misfits, but every analogy breaks down at some point. Maybe this section is more like a box of chocolates—everything's tasty, but you never know what you're going to get.

Theology is the study of God. Over the two-thousand-year history of the Church it has become necessary to designate different approaches to that study. There are three main traditional ways of doing theology—systematic, dogmatic and Biblical. Systematic theologians attempt to draw key doctrines into a workable, consistent framework. Once the framework has been established, other issues and concerns are added as they fit. Dogmatic theology is concerned primarily with the defense of individual doctrines. It uses traditional teachings of the Church as its foundation and emphasizes a propositional approach to the Bible. Biblical theology (the name isn't intended to imply that other approaches are unbiblical) is a more organic approach based on a narrative reading of the Bible. By identifying themes in Scripture, Biblical theologians seek unifying elements that present a complete perspective on God and His activities in the world and through His people. While all three approaches are worthwhile and have been used by the great theologians of the Church, the books in our selection reveal our predilection for Biblical theology.

We've been trying to organize our theology section more carefully, and now have official sections for the above. This section is our catch-all, collecting everything that doesn't quite fit elsewhere.

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Problem of Pleasure
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Why and What
by Doug Jones
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