Using Language Well Book 2 - Teacher Guide & Answer Key

Using Language Well Book 2 - Teacher Guide & Answer Key

English, Grammar, and Writing Points from Spelling Wisdom

by Sonya Shafer
Saddle-stitched, 76 pages
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Help your student grow in language arts skills through great literature!

Using Language Well, Book 3, is designed to be a companion to Spelling Wisdom, Book 3, which contains wonderful excerpts from great literature, worthy poetry, beautiful Scripture, and powerful quotations. Now you can use those same great literary passages to teach English grammar and sentence analysis, plus review English usage, punctuation, and capitalization!

Pair Using Language Well, Book 3, with Spelling Wisdom, Book 3, to

  • Give your student a rich literary approach to language arts in grades 7 and 8.
  • Teach your student how to analyze sentences with a simplified marking system, less complicated than diagramming.
  • Guide your student to discover for himself key points of English usage, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and elements of good writing.
  • Keep interest and attention high through short lessons just twice a week.
  • Confidently guide and evaluate your student’s progress in composition with the helpful tips and practical tools in the Teacher Guide & Answer Key.

Book 3

Book 3 is designed to last for two years. When your student completes Using Language Well, Book 3 (with Spelling Wisdom, Book 3), he will be able to

  • parse a sentence, marking each word with its correct part of speech;
  • analyze a sentence, marking subjects, predicates, direct objects, indirect objects, subject complements, and clauses;
  • use commas correctly in a sentence as they relate to phrases and clauses;
  • explain how prefixes and suffixes can change a word’s part of speech and meaning;
  • identify and define metaphors, similes, and personifications;
  • use a dictionary and a thesaurus;
  • do more complex alphabetizing with book titles and people’s names
  • analyze a poem’s end rhymes and eye rhymes, meter and rhyme schemes, plus identify a sonnet and iambic foot;
  • and more! (See a complete list in the Placement Guide below.)

He will also have written from dictation hundreds of sentences from good literature. You can adjust the length of the dictation passage to best fit your student. We recommend dictating up to one paragraph from each Spelling Wisdom passage for students in seventh and eighth grades.

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