Used Books Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of books can I sell?
    We primarily cater to Christian families with students PreK-12. We're looking to buy wholesome, quality books that are of interest to such families. This is quite broad, but does exclude college textbooks and most popular fiction books meant for adults. We also limit our Christian selection to books we can personally encourage others to read.
  2. What condition do my books need to be in?
    We are very particular about the condition of the books we will buy. Please take a look at our Condition Guidelines before bringing us your books.
  3. I live in your area, can I drop them off?
    We have extremely limited space for storage, so we only allow drop-offs if A.) you can come back to pick up the unwanted books on the same day, or B.) you wish to donate the remainder. Our buying hours are 10am–4pm Wednesday-Saturday.
  4. How long will it take for you to buy my books?
    Most of the year, we take books on a first-come, first-served basis, so it's hard for us to predict this accurately. You can usually expect a wait of 15-45 minutes. Please come prepared to be patient and call ahead if you have a time limit (we give preference to those who have called ahead)! During our busy season (late June thru early September), we insist on scheduling appointments so that we can stagger the work load and reduce your wait.
  5. If I'm sending them, can you give me suggestions on how to pack the books?
    We encourage you to pack your books in a sturdy box of appropriate size to keep them from becoming damaged in transit. We suggest you pack your books in a similar fashion to the image shown, to keep them in good condition. Though UPS packages can weigh up to 150 lbs. and measure up to 165 inches in combined length and distance around the thickest part, a good rule of thumb is to pack no more than about 30 books per box. Pack the box fully to the top and along its sides to prevent it from being crushed in transit. Please do not use newspaper to pack your books as the print from the paper can rub off and damage the books. Please remember that we are not responsible for damage that occurs in transit.
  6. How much will I get for my books?
    It's impossible to give a clear answer in advance, as it is a matter of supply and demand as to whether we need a particular title at any time and how much we can pay for it. However, our general rule of thumb is no more than 30% for current, nice condition curriculum, and up to 15-20% for other books. We have created a database that includes recommended stock limits and prices to pay for used books, but we're constantly adjusting those numbers as we learn of new editions, changes in demand, or cover updates. We buy based on current inventory needs, recent sales history, and what we think the copy can sell for or has sold for in the past. As such, what we buy or pass on today is not necessarily what we'll need tomorrow. In addition, the price we offer may not be a reflection of the books we currently have in stock and can and will fluctuate daily as our inventory history changes.
  7. When do I get paid?
    Once your books arrive at Exodus, our buyer will look them over and process them. After you accept our quote, your account will be credited.
  8. How do I get paid?
    Generally, you may choose one of two options: Exodus credit (can be used immediately or later, in-store or online, no expiration date) or a check (a check is nearly always 20% less than the Exodus credit). Currently, we are ONLY offering store credit.
  9. Can I change my mind after you've bought my books?
    No, your last chance to keep your books is before you accept the Exodus credit or check. After that, you must purchase the books back from us (we may, at our discretion, discount it for you). Also, if you've accepted store credit, you may not convert that into a check later. 
  10. I bought these books from you — does that mean you will automatically buy them back?
    Unfortunately, no. We buy based on the current supply and demand of our inventory which changes daily. Editions change.
  11. What is an ISBN?
    The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a 10-digit code assigned to books published after 1972 or a 13-digit code assigned to books published after 2006. Each ISBN is unique to a specific book. A different ISBN is assigned to hardcover and paperback versions of the same title, as well as later editions with changes or additional content, or editions produced by different publishers. You'll generally find the number printed over the bar code on the book's back cover or on the copyright page.

    For books published in the late 1960s or early 1970s, you may find a similar nine-digit number called an SBN or Standard Book Number. An SBN is the original nine-digit version of the ISBN. Simply adding a 0 to the beginning will convert it to a valid ISBN. You can enter an ISBN in either its 10-digit or 13-digit format on our website.

    If it has no ISBN, but has a library of congress number, you can try entering that. Use this format: LC#00-000000. Some publishers use their own product numbering system, and you're free to try those as well.
  12. I have a large collection — should I do anything special?
    It's best to call in advance before you do any serious cataloging as we do NOT typically work from a large typed list. A brief description of the number, condition, and type of books is a good place to start. For a specialized or vintage collection, we suggest contacting us directly. That's not our typical market and we may point you elsewhere.
  13. Can I try to sell my rejected books at a later date?
    We try to let you know which books we reject because we are overstocked. You are welcome to try and resell these books any time you like. If we reject them because they are unusable for us, we will also let you know.
  14. What about the books you reject? Can I get them back?
    Books sent in error or in a condition that prevents resale are not returned to the seller. These books are clearanced, given away, or recycled. Please double check all items on your watchlist for a "YES" before sending them.
  15. What if my books get lost in the mail?
    Exodus is not responsible for books lost in transit. Package tracking or insurance is your responsibility.
  16. Who can I contact with further questions?
    Questions, issues, or comments can be made by phone, 503-655-1951 or email,