Usbourne Encyclopedia of the Ancient World

Usbourne Encyclopedia of the Ancient World

Usborne Internet-Linked
by Jane Bingham, Fiona Chandler, Jane Chisholm, 4 othersGill Harvey, Lisa Miles, Struan Reid, Sam Taplin
Publisher: Usborne
Trade Paperback, 400 pages
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Historical Setting: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome

This lavishly illustrated encyclopedia follows the dramatic history of the world's early civilizations, from the first farmers of the Middle East to the rise of mighty empires in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome. Stunning photographs and detailed reconstructions create a vivid picture of life in the ancient world, while the comprehensive factfinders include a time chart, who's who, and lots more about gods and goddesses, mythology and details of recent archaeological finds. Enter the ancient world and discover:

  • How writing first developed
  • Why Julius Caesar was murdered
  • What was the story of the Trojan Horse
  • How a woman became a pharaoh

All the Web sites referenced in this book are regularly reviewed and can be visited via links on the Usborne Quicklinks Web site. A selection of free pictures from this book is also available in Usborne Quicklinks.

Please note that you do not need a computer to use this book. It works on its own as an outstanding reference book without using the internet at all.

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