Usborne Time Traveler

Usborne Time Traveler

by Judy Hindley, Anne Civardi, Patricia Vanags
Publisher: Usborne
Hardcover, 130 pages
List Price: $22.99 Sale Price: $20.69

Historical Setting: Ancient Egypt, Rome, Norway, England

Put on your magic time-travel helmet and you'll be whisked back through the ages.

Your first destination is a castle in the days of the Crusades. Then you're off to Norway to meet a ferocious band of Viking raiders. Next, you'll explore Rome when the Roman empire was at its height. Finish your adventure with a trip down the Nile at a time when pharaohs ruled Egypt.

The material in this book used to be available as four separate titles in the Usborne Time Traveler series. However, they are now out of print:

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