Up, Over, and Out

Up, Over, and Out

A Beginning Grammar Reader: Book 2 - Prepositions

by Wanda Sanseri
Staplebound, 20 pages
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In this book students...

  • read sentences using words from Wise List A-H
  • diagram the preposition/object in each sentence
  • draw an illustration for each sentence (e.g. "up, in, and under.")

All the selections in Up, Over, and Out deal with pets or would-be pets. Several are animals observed in the wild. Wanda field tested the grammar readers with on students of various ages. The children were all delighted with them.

Some grammar books consider prepositions to be a difficult concept to teach, but these books helped children who did not know how to identify a preposition to do so with ease.

Wanda knows of nothing else on the market quite like these booklets. A side benefit is that the beginning grammar readers also gently teach grammar to the teacher who feels insecure in this area.

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