Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation

The Explorer's Guide to the Awesome Works of God

by Dennis R. Petersen
Publisher: Bridge-Logos
2nd Edition, ©2002, ISBN: 9780882704722
Hardcover, 239 pages
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Step into an amazing adventure of discovery! While much popular literature ignores the power of the living Creator, here is a refreshingly usable tool that helps make some sense of the flood of "mysteries" about our world.

Themostcomprehensive and easy-to-understand book we've seen!

This treasury of historic and scientific knowledge puts life-changing keys in your hands to understand our world, and its amazing past. 240 pages of beautifully designed photography and artwork amplify the engaging text. This book will help you discover the scientific accuracy of the Bible; unveil the fallacies of evolution; and build unshakeable confidence in God's Word. Designed to help people build a trustworthy Biblical worldview, it introduces a vast treasure of faith-building resources. This is one of the most user-friendly and comprehensive introductory books ever published on the subject of Biblical creation!

Discover the true roots of Man's Past!

Unlike most other books on Creationism, this book takes an astounding look at man's past to see just how advanced ancient civilizations were. You will learn that ancient technologies such as those that built great pyramids and other structures in Egypt and other places are lost to us today, and that instead we have built a fragile society that is lacking in traditional skills and dependent on complex modern technologies that make us vulnerable to diseases, pollution, wars, terrorism, and natural disasters. We have become dependent on "high tech" specialized experts that need a steady supply of exotic resources to keep everything running smoothly.

God invites us to "reason together" (Isaiah 1:18). But today, many people feel intimidated when confronted by intellectuals who are trained to rationalize that the Bible cannot be trusted. So, let's provide answers from simple observations and profound questions that reach deep into the motives of the heart and open the channel to God.

This book will help you:

  • Discover the scientific accuracy of the biblical Creation account
  • Unveil the fundamental fallacies of evolutionistic myth
  • Build unshakable confidence in the reality and power of God's Word.

Part One — In the beginning . . . science and the Bible agree! The earth was once very different and "very good!" When did it all begin? Surprising facts from the cosmos and the earth unveil the truth about our planet's age.

Part Two — True science dares to put the big bang and medieval thinking to the test. From woodpeckers to whales, fossils to philosophers, evolution is seen for the deception it really is.

Part Three — Has the missing link been found? Discover amazing mysteries and myths about dinosaurs: What were they like? Why are they gone?

Part Four — How do we make sense of all the mysteries of ancient civilizations? Awesome advancements before the Flood—Pyramids, UFOs and ancient technology—all make sense in light of the Biblical record.

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  Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation
Barbara pomeroy of Fort st. john,b.c Canada, 2/24/2016
This is a most excellent book,the very best I have ever had the pleasure to read!! I give a 5 star rating. I have purchased four of these books and I am looking to buy another one, the one I am looking for is the edition with the burgundy edging, hard cover and in color, can you please tell me where to get this book?

Much thanks..Barbara