Uniting Church and Home

Uniting Church and Home

by Eric Wallace
Mass market paperback, 284 pages
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"Eric Wallace is doing a great service for the body of Christ. Blueprint will help pastors who want to build strong churches that support the work of Christian families. And, just as important, it will help Christian parents who want to build strong families that support the life of the church. Home schooling families especially will find this to be an encouraging book, filled with practical workable ideas for integrating the church and home."
Mike Farris, Patrick Henry College

"This is an important book. It offers a cooperative, integrated, and covenantal approach to life and ministry rarely seen in these fragmented, individualistic, and parochial times… The responsibilities of the home ought to be facilitated by the church not co-opted. Likewise, the centrality of the church ought to be embraced by the home not resisted. This remarkable blueprint for symbiosis shows us how to strike that kind of essential balance."
George Grant, PH.D, DLITT, Bannockburn College

". . .Eric Wallace demonstrates that God desires the family and the local church to operate in perfect harmony. His book is a refreshing look at how to achieve the biblical balance."
—Douglas Phillips, Vision Forum

"Eric Wallace has hit upon a deep heart-desire of many Christian families to be a part of a real functioning body of fellow believers who value the family as a unit rather than divide it into component parts. In this day of fractured families, Eric has pointed the way clearly for the church and families to be united in their life and mission. This is a vital message for all Christians! The next generation depends upon it! Must reading!"
Marilyn Rockett, Houston, Texas

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