United States Time Line 1600-1990

United States Time Line 1600-1990

by Paul Carlson, Paula Carlson
Publisher: Creation's Child
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The United States Time Line, illustrated with realistic line drawings and engravings of people and events, is an excellent visual aid for studying United States History.

Printed in blue on heavy white paper, the pictures may be hand colored if desired. The panels are 11x13" for each for each half century. In addition, there is an extra panel for 1775-1880, which has been expanded to include more details, and the 1900s have been added from the "Junior Time Line."

The information is organized in general horizontal bands across the time line. The top row of dates pertains to England and Europe. The areas of religion, education, publications, Presidents, government, economy, industry, arts, science and health are presented from top to bottom on the panel. Also included are people, events, important documents and other information of particular interest to Christians.

Much information is presented in this timeline, which stretches about 8' long, and we are privileged to be the last distributor for it! Originally priced at $8.95!

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