Unfinished Tales

Unfinished Tales

of Numenor & Middle-Earth

by J. R. R. Tolkien (Author), Christopher Tolkien (Editor)
Publisher: Mariner Books
Reissue, ©2014, ISBN: 9780544337992
Trade Paperback, 480 pages
List Price: $16.99 Sale Price: $14.44

The First Age

Young lord Túrin fled from Morgoth's forces, wandering in disguise as an outlaw until he could avenge his people against the evil that had razed his home. But Túrin lived under the curse of a hateful dragon—and the lord's secret identity hid more than he knew.

The Second Age

Prince Aldarion's heart belonged to Erendis, but his passion lay with the ocean, and the great ships that sailed beyond the sight of the land. But no man could serve two mistresses—and no mortal's love could withstand the lure of the sea.

The Third Age

The great warrior Isildur escaped with the One Ring, cut from the Dark Lord Sauron's hand, to hide it from Evil's grasp. But Isildur would learn the burden of a ringbearer—and of its temptation and despair.

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