Under Wellington's Command

Under Wellington's Command

A Tale of the Peninsular War

by G. A. Henty
Publisher: Preston Speed
Library Binding, 330 pages
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Historical Setting: Portugal, 1810 A. D.

The third book Henty wrote which deals with the Peninsular War. This book covers the principal portion of the war. In this tale of the Peninsular War—the sequel to With Moore in Corunna—Terence O'Grady, the young Irish hero, and his Minho regiment serve variously as an advance guard for the allied forces and as a guerilla force, harassing the French troops and thereby creating a diversion, and also taking an active part in several of the important sieges and battles of the Peninsular War. Captured twice by the French, Terence wins the admiration of his comrades for his ingenious escapes. When he loses a leg in the battle of Salamanca, he returns home to his father and cousin in Ireland.

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