Under God - Student Text

Under God - Student Text

by William C. Hendricks
Publisher: Mott Media
7th Edition, ©2013, ISBN: 9780880622929
Trade Paperback, 265 pages
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The goal of Under God is to develop effective citizens within the framework of the Christian faith and Christian principles. To help students attain this goal, Under God includes sound ideas about the foundations of constitutional government and the historical background of United States government.

The starting point in teaching government is the basic conviction that God ordains it. He is the source of authority. That concept is the root of good government. The fear of the Lord is not only the basis, but also the motivation for good citizenship.

The author is deeply conscious of each student's need to develop a wholesome regard for government and a sense of personal responsibility for its proper functioning. Christian citizenship leaves no room for apathy. After students have considered the ideas presented in this book, we hope they will choose to do some of the suggested activities and to express their concern through citizen action groups in their communities. Such action will help them to make a lifelong commitment to Christian citizenship.

Under God is well suited for an 8th or 9th grade civics/government course; however, the text is also suitable for high school students and the activities suggested can be pursued in a more in-depth manner. It is absolutely essential that we teach our children the Christian roots of our country.

To assist the teacher or home school parent maximize the effectiveness of this textbook Mott Media also offers the Teacher's Resource Booklet. It includes pertinent teaching suggestions, answer keys for the questions which appear in the textbook, and unit tests (with answers) to help evaluate the student's understanding of the material. This booklet is 8 1/2 x 11, 3-hole punched. We urge you to make it the basis of a notebook you compile while teaching this course. Include notes about your research into the study topics included in the text, teaching notes, and special projects you and your students pursue.

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