Uncle Tom's Cabin - Progeny Press Study Guide

Uncle Tom's Cabin - Progeny Press Study Guide

by Kimberlee Foley, Michael Gilleland
Publisher: Progeny Press
Consumable Workbook, 114 pages
Price: $27.99

An unprecedented best seller in its time, Uncle Tom's Cabin has also been controversial from the start. Primarily the story of Uncle Tom, a godly slave who improves all around him, much like Joseph of the Bible. But when Tom is sold to Simon Legree, he meets evil—Legree treats slaves as animals. Legree plans to make Tom overseer because of his strength and intelligence, but when Tom refuses to whip a fellow slave, and then refuses to turn in two runaways, Legree slowly beats Tom to death. The son of Tom's first owner comes to redeem Tom but finds him dying. In honor of Tom, he frees his family's slaves and educates them. Stowe reveals the horrors occurring under slavery and the damage done to society as a whole when its weakest members are preyed upon. She also shows that Christians can, and must, make a real difference in this world.

Since 1992, Progeny Press study guides for literature have provided homeschooling parents and Christian school teachers with study guides for culturally relevant books and novels, examined from a Christian perspective. Progeny Press study guides include:

  • background on the authors and stories
  • prereading suggested activities
  • vocabulary activities related to the stories
  • general content questions
  • literary analysis and terminology questions designed to give students a good understanding of writing technique and how to use it
  • critical analysis questions designed to help students consider and analyze the intellectual, moral, and spiritual issues in the stories and weigh them with reference to scripture
  • and, of course, a detailed answer key!

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