Ultra Hush-Hush

Ultra Hush-Hush

Espionage and Special Missions

by Stephen Shapiro, Tina Forrester, David Craig (Illustrator)
Publisher: Annick Press
Trade Paperback, 96 pages
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Historical Setting: WWII

Outwitting the enemy: stories from the second World War.

Wars lead to unimaginable terror, hatred, and cruelty, but they can also inspire innovation and creativity. Discover the secrets behind some of the real-life deceptions that turned the tide of World War II. Witness double-crossing secret agents and daredevil airborne assaults, underhanded trickery and underwater espionage, super secret scramblers and unbreakable enemy encryptions.

These 19 spellbinding true stories reveal the heroes and villains behind some of the most creative strategies ever devised in warfare. Through the lens of these engrossing accounts—packed with background information about the war and over 80 illustrations including full-color maps—go beyond the scenes of World War II and learn the secrets that outwitted the enemy.

Not all wars are won on the battlefield.

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