U.S. Map Cards

U.S. Map Cards

by Jo Ellen Moore
Cards, 80 pages
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.These cards are designed to provide practice in locating various types of information found on a map, on a globe, or in an atlas.

The four sets of cards contain questions requiring students to use general map-reading skills to:

  • Identify types of maps: physical, political, product road, and time zone
  • Identify map and glove features: equator, hemispheres, land and water, longitude and latitude
  • Use a compass rose
  • Use a map legend (key)
  • Name states and their capital cities
  • Locate information in an atlas

Each set contains the following:

  • 32 question cards
  • List of skills practiced in the section
  • A reproducible answer form
  • Storage Pocket
  • Answer key on the back of each storage pocket
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