U.S. History Detective Book 2

U.S. History Detective Book 2

Late 1800s to the 21st Century

by Steven Greif
Trade Paperback, 320 pages
Price: $39.99

U.S. History Detective® can be used as a stand-alone textbook, a resource of supplemental activities to enrich another textbook, or as a review course for older students. The vocabulary and content skills are based on common state social studies standards for Grade 8.

What makes U.S. History Detective® different from other American history books is the integration of critical thinking into the content lessons. The questions in this book require deeper analysis and frequently ask for supporting evidence from the lesson. This in-depth analysis produces greater understanding, which results in better grades and higher test scores. Over time, students who practice critical thinking learn to apply it throughout their education and lives. This book also develops reading comprehension and writing skills, and challenges students to learn new vocabulary.

U.S. History Detective® Book 2 focuses on the late 1800s to the 21st century. This textbook has both primary and secondary source information. Each lesson provides a passage students must read, followed by a series of questions. Questions are multiple choice, short answer, or short essay questions. Students are frequently asked to identify sentence evidence from the lesson that best supports the answer. Sample answers are provided which identify key points for the essays. In addition there are section review activities and some bonus activities.

In this book, students will:

  • Supply supporting evidence for many of their answers
  • Supply essay evidence to support their conclusions by drawing on specific information from the lesson
  • Draw inferences and conclusions based on their evaluation of the evidence
  • Distinguish between facts and opinions
  • Analyze historical chronology to see history as a series of interrelated events
  • Acquire new vocabulary
  • Learn to interpret and draw information from geographical maps, political cartoons, and charts
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