Type and Antitype - CD

Type and Antitype - CD

Seeing Christ in all of Scripture

2004 Christ Church Ministerial Conference
by Douglas Wilson, Douglas Jones, 2 othersJeffrey J. Meyers, Peter J. Leithart
Publisher: Canon Press
Audio CD
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How we handle the Scriptures is at the heart of what it means to be a faithful minister of the Word. But how do we learn our hermeneutic? Of course, as Christians our desire should be to learn everything important from the Scriptures, and this includes how to learn from the Scriptures.

Messages include (on eleven CDs):

  1. Reading the Old testament with New testament Eyes: The Necessity of Typology—Douglas Wilson
  2. A Trinitarian Typology of History: Discerning Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Hebrew History—Jeffrey Meyers
  3. Destroy the Temple: Typology of the Sanctuary—Peter Leithart
  4. Reading Pictures—Douglas Jones
  5. The Second Adam and the New Eve—Douglas Wilson
  6. My Father Was a Wandering Moralist: How to Hear and Read the Gospels—Jeffrey Meyers
  7. A Ram Without Blemish: Typology of the Offerings—Peter Leithart
  8. Death and Resurrection of David: Typology and Structure of 1-2 Kings—Peter Leithart
  9. Practicing the Imagination—Douglas Jones
  10. The Da Vinci Code Be Damned: A Typological Reading of Mary Magdalene—Jeffrey Meyers
  11. Hebrews: A New testament Deuteronomy—Douglas Wilson
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