Two Plus Two is Not Five

Two Plus Two is Not Five

Easy Methods to Learn Addition + Subtraction

by Susan R. Greenwald
Trade Paperback, 254 pages
Price: $24.95

This supplementary workbook is for children ages six and up, and has reproducible pages to give students an opportunity to learn the math facts. The addition and subtraction facts to 18 are taught in an original way-not just drill and practice, but by grouping and associating them with easy-to-learn methods and tricks.

Each page was carefully designed; the facts are introduced with a trick and then those facts are practiced by trick name with previously learned facts, also identified by their trick name. After initial instruction, teachers/parents can assign workbook pages for class work or homework to give children practice and review. Not all students will need to do all of the pages. Cumulative practice pages include most, if not all, of the tricks taught to that point. The children will see that they can be successful in completing pages without counting on fingers or using a chart. This book will complement any mathematics curriculum, and is a perfect resource for parents, teachers, special education, and home school programs.

Included in the book:

  • Introduction
  • How to Use the Book 
  • 232 workbook pages 
  • Answer keys 
  • Certificate of Mastery
  • Record-Keeping pages 
  • Index
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