Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Oxford World's Classics
by Jules Verne, William Butcher (Translator)
Publisher: Oxford University
2nd Edition, ©2019, ISBN: 9780198818649
Trade Paperback, 419 pages
Price: $12.95

In an age that has seen the wildest speculations of science become reality, Jules Verne is regarded as both a technological prophet and one of the most exciting masters of imagination the world has ever known. Of all his novels, none is more compelling and thrilling than 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. This extraordinary voyage into the depths of the unknown aboard the legendary submarine Nautilus—commanded by the brilliant, tragic Captain Nemo—explores both the incredible possibilities of science and the twisted labyrinth of the human mind. The novel stands as science raised to the level of literature and remains a vivid expression of a new era of technological advancement and humanity's place within that world.

  • This acclaimed translation brilliantly conveys the novel's tones and range
  • It appears with a readable Introduction, two Appendices, and extensive Notes, presenting the sources, the correspondence with the publisher, the references within the work, and the inception of the novel

New to the 2nd Edition:

  • As well as a line-by-line revision of the translation, addition of material about Verneâs life, the literary and scientific context, and the sections cut from the two manuscripts


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