Twelve Bright Trumpets

Twelve Bright Trumpets

by Margaret Leighton
Publisher: Hillside Education
Trade Paperback, 198 pages
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Historical Setting: Middle Ages, 350-1450 A.D.

Margaret Leighton has created twelve wonderful historical fiction stories that span the Middle Ages, from the withdrawal of the Roman legions from Britain to the fall of Venice as Queen of the Sea.

The heroes and heroines of these stories are young people set in the dramatic events that have shaped Western Civilization. "The settings, the customs and ideas of the people pictured here are as true to the period as long and careful study could make them. Whenever a historical figure does appear, like Vortigern or Charlemagne or Alfred, he is only doing what records tell us that he actually did do." —foreword

These stories inspire courage, love, endurance, hope, industry and many other virtues. They are also one of the best tools American Home-School Publishing has found to teach the general timeline of the Middle Ages to children from ages 10-13.

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