True Story of Sir Francis Drake

True Story of Sir Francis Drake


by Will Holwood
Publisher: Children's Press
©1965, Item: 25155
Hardcover, 139 pages
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The lives of some men are adventure stories from beginning to end. Certainly this is true of Sir Francis Drake. His adventuring began as a child of four when he fled with his father to escape death. The two of them made their home in a poor hulk of an abandoned ship in Gillingham Reach. Half a century later, he was on the sea, still adventuring, when he died as leader of a plundering expedition to the Spanish Indies. This book tells of the adventures that filled those fifty years. You can embark with Drake for the Spanish Main or Panama. You can sail the Pacific with him, and right around the world. You can watch, with him, Spain's fleet burn at Cadiz. You can chase those battered ships of the Spanish Armada into the wastes of the North Sea.

—from the book

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