Trivium at the Table Placemats: Geography Cycle 1

Trivium at the Table Placemats: Geography Cycle 1

2nd Edition, ©2018, Publisher Catalog #SC115
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Set of four (4) placemats, shrink-wrapped, includes:

  • Two Africa (Ancient Civilizations) placemats
  • Two World placemats

Enjoy these lively, brightly colored placemats with your Scribblers-aged children and abecedarians as you delight in the geography of the ancient world (corresponds to Cycle 1 of the Foundations Program). Chart a course of cheerios across the continents, or use raisins to identify the ancient civilizations of Africa!

Each 11 x 17” placemat is two-sided. One side is a “key” showing the Cycle 1 geography memory work facts properly placed on the map. The other side lists the facts by week and shows small icons and images to help children point to the correct location of each fact. Placemats are laminated, with rounded edges, for the wear and tear of daily use. Wipes clean at the end of the day!

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