Treasures of the Snow (adapted)

Treasures of the Snow (adapted)

by Patricia Mary St. John, Mary Mills (Adapter)
Publisher: Moody Press
2nd Edition, ©1948, ISBN: 9780802465757
Trade Paperback, 228 pages
List Price: $8.99 Sale Price: $7.64

Annette's little brother is crippled and Lucien, the village bully is responsible. Controlled by anger and hatred, Annette vows she will never forgive Lucien and sets out to hurt him in every way she can. But both Lucien and Annette eventually learn about the healing power of repentance and forgiveness.

This is a beautifully written and engaging story that captures the innocence of childhood, and the joys found in little things.


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Exodus Rating
Flaws Brief violence
Summary: Annette learns that forgiveness only comes from Christ as she learns to abandon the bitterness she holds against Lucien, the village bully.

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