Treasure of the Incas

Treasure of the Incas

A Story of Adventure in Peru

by G. A. Henty
Publisher: Preston Speed
Library Binding, 327 pages
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Historical Setting: Peru, 1830s A. D.

In this unusual Henty tale set in nineteenth-century Peru and its uncertain political climate, Harry and Bertie Prendergast arrive in Lima in search of Dias, their guardian's faithful muleteer, hoping he will set them on the path of long-lost treasure. Dias consents to guide them on their adventure, which includes attacks by natives and also brigands, a capture by partisans, and a search for gold in streams and behind a waterfall. Finally, despite the fears of Dias, they explore a hidden, and supposedly haunted, castle in which, according to legend, is hidden the treasure of the people who came before the Incas. Although this legend is found to be false, the young men discover the unexpected, and their trip back to England is one of high suspense.

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  Very Good, Just Like Most Hentys
Christopher Lyons of Clackamas, Oregon, 10/16/2008
"The Treasure of the Incas" is set in the 1830s in Peru. It is about a young English gentleman, named Harry Prendergast who wants to get married, but the girl?s father requires him to get some money within two years before he marries her. He consults his guardian and soon after leaves with his younger brother, Bertie, for Peru where there were many civil wars and it was said was gold hidden there by the Incas before the Spanish came. It was in search of this gold that Harry sailed from England. He meets an Indian muleteer who has been passed down some legends of the whereabouts of some gold and together they set out. After many trials and encounters with Indians and brigands, they find the gold and sail back to England very successful.