Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Sterling Classics
by Robert Louis Stevenson, Scott McKowen (Illustrator)
Unabridged, ©2004, ISBN: 9781402714573
Hardcover, 232 pages
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When Jim Hawkins picks up the oilskin packet from Captain Flint's sea chest, he has no idea that here lies the key to untold wealth—a treasure map. He sails on the Hispaniola as cabin boy, with Long John Silver as ship's cook and the rest of the shifty crew, and embarks on an extraordinary and dangerous quest to find the buried treasure.

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Flaws: Fighting/violence
Summary: Jim Hawkins becomes a cabin boy on an expedition to find an old pirate's buried treasure.

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  A Pirate Story
Keagen of Washougal, 8/30/2016
I have read this book many times and like it very much. It is about a young man named Jim Hawkins who goes to sea in a gold-seeking adventure. But it ends up most of the crew are pirates, take over the ship, and try to take the gold, but Jim and some of the loyal crew fight back. I recommend this book to everybody. if you have not read this book you should.
  Exciting Adventure Story.
HappyHomemaker of Oregon, 7/6/2011
The basic story is one we all know well: a mysterious map is found, it is revealed to be the treasure map of a nefarious pirate, and then the race is one between the good guys and bad to see who can claim it! This is the tale that started it all. Masterfully written and with a surprise at every turn, I would recommend it to girls and boys alike.