Trains at Work

Trains at Work

by Mary Elting, David Lyle Millard (Illustrator)
Publisher: Garden City Books
©1953, Item: 84900
Library Rebind, 94 pages
Used Price: $9.00 (1 in stock) Condition Policy

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Excerpt from Trains at Work:

When Sam reports for work, his big steam locomotive is all ready. Men have oiled it and checked it. The fire is roaring in the firebox. In the old days, a fireman spent most of his time shoveling coal. The faster the train went, the more steam it needed and the faster the fireman had to work with his banjo. Sam knows how to use a shovel if he needs to, but that's not his main job. His locomotive has a machine called an automatic stoker which feeds coal into the firebox.

Sam just checks up on the fire. He looks at dials and gauges in the locomotive cab, and they tell him' what he wants to know. There is enough steam. Every thing is ship-shape.

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