Trail Guide to World Geography - Student Notebook CD-ROM

Trail Guide to World Geography - Student Notebook CD-ROM

(all three levels)

by Cindy Wiggers
Publisher: Geography Matters
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The World Trail Guide Student Notebook CD-ROM is a set of printable pre-formatted templates and outline maps for creating the awesome personal geography student notebooks recommended in the Trail Guide to World Geography.

One of the most common questions that the folks at Geography Matters were asked at conventions and by phone regarding their Trail Guides is: "Where is the student book?" Their answer, "No workbook is needed because your students will create their own geography notebooks while they are learning," led to the next question, "How do we create a notebook?"

Although you can build a geography student notebook using the information included in the Trail Guide to World Geography, many folks prefer additional guidance. If you don't know how to create a student notebook, want more structure, or simply don't have time to figure it out for yourself, this is just what you need to catch the vision!

Insert Disk- Select Page(s)-Print-Use

These CD-ROMs are simple to use. Just insert the disk, select the page(s), print, and hand them to your students. You can print the whole book on CD or select what pages and templates you want to print.

Over 500 pages include:

  • Geography Trails Questions
    Separate pages with ALL THREE levels of daily geography trails questions and a place to put the answers.
  • Outline Maps
    Specific outline maps required for each week and the list of mapping assignments.
  • Notebook Pages
    A variety of specifically formatted templates associated with assignment choices for each week. Provides ample room to include written summaries, pictures, and drawings.
  • Generic Templates
    A variety of templates students can use for creating their own crosswords, charts, fact sheets, reports, and more.

Student Levels

The World Trail Guide Student Notebook is available for each of the 3 trails in Trail Guide to World Geography.

  • Primary: 2nd - 4th grades
  • Intermediate: 5th –7th grades
  • Secondary: 8th grade- high school

Please Note:

You must have Trail Guide to World Geography to make use of the Student Notebook. Answers to the daily Geography Trails questions, instructions for using the curriculum, and the Literature Unit are not included in the Student Notebook CD-ROM.

This CD-ROM includes printable PDF files which are read by Acrobat Reader version 5 or higher - which you can download free from

Sample Pages:

Primary (grades 1-4)
Intermediate (grades 5-7)
Secondary (grades 8-12)
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