Trail Guide to Bible Geography

Trail Guide to Bible Geography

by Cindy Wiggers, Dianna Wiebe
Publisher: Geography Matters
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 125 pages
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Trail Guide to Bible Geography is the third book in the popular Trail Guide to Geography series. Study the geography of the Holy Lands in light of scripture and along with the lives of your favorite Bible characters. Students learn by mapping, research, daily geography drills and hands-on activities. While some small maps are included in the book, the larger maps in Bible Lands Activity Maps are highly recommended. Students love doing the mapping assignments and are delightfully challenged with finding answers to the daily drills using a Bible atlas.

This is a simple guide to studying the geography of the Holy Lands. Trail Guide to Bible Geography is part teacher manual, part lesson plans, and part guidebook all rolled into one. It has built-in flexibility while providing clear guidelines for any parent, co-op leader, or teacher.

Gain a greater understanding of how geography impacted the people and events of the Bible and how geography can impact your life, today.

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