Trade Wind

Trade Wind

by Cornelia Meigs, Henry C. Pitz (Frontispiece)
©1927, Item: 92973
Hardcover, 309 pages
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It is the romantic period just before the outbreak of the Revolution and eighteen-year-old David Dennison is irked by the humdrum life of a New England village. Suddenly a message from his father, who had never returned from a mysterious voyage, changes the boy's life from monotony to an atmosphere of excitement and intrigue. David had decided that his father's sacrifices for the American colonists should not be in vain.

Sailing as supercargo on the Anna Maria he experiences pursuit by traitors and enemies, skirmishes with pirates, fights with savages in the tropics. When the ship takes refuge at Half-Moon Island to change name and sails, David encounters an old rascal of a sailmaker whose advice—to follow the trade wind—is finally taken with unforeseen results.

It is a swift-moving tale of action on the high seas, of mysterious rogues and gallant adventurers, against a setting painted vividly and with sure strokes. The reader cannot help catching something of that breathless waiting of those tense days and the impatience of the boy who longed to throw himself into the cause for which his father had sacrificed everything.

With frontispiece in full color by HENRY C. PITZ

from the dust jacket

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