Total Outdoorsman Manual

Total Outdoorsman Manual

374 Skills You Need

Publisher: Weldon Owen
Original, ©2011, ISBN: 9781616280611
Trade Paperback, 320 pages
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From Field and Stream, The Total Outdoorsman Manual: 374 Skills YOU Need is the exact book you need to keep all your outdoor skills sharp or the one book you will need when you have no outdoor skills. Perfect for beginners and old timers. With practical information for both the beginner and advanced outdoorsman, the book is an authoritative, comprehensive, and entertaining guide that will enable anyone to master the outdoors and hunt, fish, and camp like an expert.

HUNT BETTER How to track a buck, make the toughest shots, master bowhunting and knife skills, and haul, butcher, and cook wild game.

FISH SMARTER Advice on the best techniques for flyfishing, baitcasting, and spinning, as well as surefire ways to get the most out of your motorboat, canoe, or kayak.

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