Total Health (MS) - Textbook

Total Health (MS) - Textbook

Talking About Life's Changes

by Susan Boe
Trade Paperback, 336 pages
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"Total Health is a simple guide to bodily health for teens. It presents Biblical truth in the context of right relationships and healthy behavior. The text makes it very clear that because of His love for teens, God is concerned about how they choose to live. I pray that God will bless this book. May parents, school teachers, and principals recognize it as a great health foundation for all of our lives."
—Paul W. Brand, MD

"The whole concept of Total Health, encompassing all of life, is a powerful message for our students. This health curriculum will provide a doorway of understanding through which students can experience freedom to make right choices. The Lord Jesus and His eternally significant values are exquisitely integrated throughout. It is a curriculum you can trust."
—Margaret Bridges

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