Tom Vail

While managing a large corporate computer center for a Fortune 500 company in Los Angeles, California, Vail took a vacation rafting through the Grand Canyon.  That experience changed his life, and two years later he quit his job to begin a new career.  Vail created Canyon Ministries in 1997 with his wife Paula to help people see the Grand Canyon as a result of Noah's Flood.  He teams with Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research and other organizations by providing charter services for their tours and research trips.  As an inspiration to others, Vail has written a book about his spiritual change in life called Grand Canyon, A Different View, and he has co-authored The True North Series which is based on a creationist perspective. He and Paula live in Phoenix.


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Grand Canyon
by Tom Vail
from Master Books
for 5th-Adult
in Geology (Rocks & Minerals) (Location: SCI-GEO)
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Your Guide to the Grand Canyon
by Tom Vail, Michael Oard, Dennis Bokovoy, & John Hergenrather
from Master Books
for 8th-Adult
in Geology (Rocks & Minerals) (Location: SCI-GEO)