Tom Garfield

In 1981, Tom Garfield was the first Logos school administrator in Moscow, Idaho. He and his wife Julie are deeply involved with the school, and they have seen four of their children graduate from the Logos school.

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Cantus Christi - CD Set
1997 Credenda/Agenda History Conference
by Doug Wilson, Tom Garfield & Steve Wilkins
from Canon Press
for 9th-Adult
in Canon Audio (Location: XMED-CAN)
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Phonics Museum Reader #16
by Tom Garfield
from Veritas Press
for Kindergarten-2nd grade
in Veritas Press Phonics Museum (Location: PHO-VPPM)
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Repairing the Ruins
by Doug Wilson, editor
from Canon Press
in Classical Education (Location: HSR-METCE)
$14.50 $6.00 (4 in stock)