To Kill a Mockingbird - Guide

To Kill a Mockingbird - Guide

Progeny Press Literature Guides
by Andrew Clausen, Harper Lee
Publisher: Progeny Press
Consumable Workbook, 63 pages
Price: $27.99
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This reproducible study guide allows you to use To Kill a Mockingbird to teach literature using the whole book, not just excerpts as so many other literature programs do. It offers:

  • comprehension questions
  • critical thinking work
  • related biblical principles
  • studies on literary terms and vocabulary
  • essay writing opportunities and other projects
  • background information on the author
  • a synopsis of the book
  • PLUS a complete answer key!

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  To Kill A Mockingbird Study Guide
Lynette Isaak of Oregon, 10/16/2008
Though this is not an exhaustive study, it is a fine overview of the book and covers the main concepts well. I would expect a 12th-grader to do a more in-depth study, more vocabulary, and higher analysis; however, the Essay section adds significantly to the learning power of this study. Expect a variety of vocabulary exercises, grammatical identification, and analytical questions plus the bonus 'Dig Deeper' section for extra study.