Tin Lizzie

Tin Lizzie

by Peter Spier
Publisher: Trumpet Club
Trade Paperback
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Chronicles the experiences of a Model T Ford with a series of owners from 1909 to the time of the book's writing (1970s).

"The hero of this small saga is a Model T touring car-known as Tin Lizzie—first purchased by George Barnhart, feed-store owner. Sold and resold, witness to funerals, weddings, and the Great Depression, Tin Lizzie was finally retired behind a barn. But eventually the historic relic, half a century old, was restored to its former magnificence by an amateur mechanic. The artist's sensitivity to American scenery has always been present in his work; the book, executed in his characteristic, delicate watercolors, depicts fifty years of American history-as seen and lived by ordinary citizens. The result is page after page of fascinating detailed scenes. And the final endpapers, showing all the car's parts, give added evidence that Peter Spier never forgets his audience." —The Horn Book

"Tin Lizzie's story is all in Spier's miniaturized pastel murals, which depict the changes in American towns, roads, and farmyards. Their naïve nostalgic charm is the first impression, but these illustrations are sure to be looked at more than once, whether it's the period details or the narrative incidents that catch one's eye. Even the back endpapers, with labeled schematic drawings of Tin Lizzie's parts, are worth dallying over. Like the Model T, this has staying power." —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"Spier's full-color panoramic drawings capture the changing times with detailed bits of Americana that leave a wisp of nostalgia at the book's closing." —Booklist

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