Timechart History of Aviation

Timechart History of Aviation

Hardcover, 144 pages
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Few advances in technology have shaped the world in which we live as much as the airplane. From the historic day in 1903 when the Wright brothers achieved their first tentative powered flight, aircraft have come to dominate global transport and communications in a way that could not have been imagined a century earlier become 'a smaller place.'

The world has literally The Timechart History of Aviation provides an authoritative and accessible guide to the development of all types of flying machines - from balloons, dirigibles and gliders, through biplanes, triplanes, fighters, bombers, airliners and seaplanes to the very latest supersonic jets, stealth bombers and attack helicopters.

The contents include:

  • The History of Aviation: an illustrated overview of the subject
  • The Timechart of Aviation: a spectacular 16-page diagram with gatefolds to provide complete continuity, fully illustrated and graphically depicting the history of air- craft from earliest times (including the balloons of the nineteenth century) to the present. The subjects are classified to enable the reader to compare developments in:
    • Lighter than Air Craft
    • Military Aviation
    • Wars and Weapons
    • Civil Aviation
    • Technical Development
  • Inside the gatefolds are concise biographies of the major personalities in the history of aviation - great aviators and pioneers, plus the designers and builders of a century's aircraft.
  • A comprehensive A-Z FactFinder provides instant access to information on every significant aircraft ever flown, with tabulation of full name, manufacturer, code- name, type, nationality and first flight.

  • A sequence of double-page spreads concentrates on specific aspects of aviation and aircraft types, with full- color illustrations and data tables, from airships to stealth machines

  • The book concludes with an useful directory of Aviation Museums and Air Shows, and a comprehensive Guide to Further Reading.

    The Timechart History of Aviation provides a unique one-volume mine of information and entertainment, easy to access, graphically exciting and authoritative in content. For even the most dedicated aviation enthusiast, this will prove an indispensable book. For the general reader it will provide an endless source of interest and pleasure.

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