Tim Gallant

Tim Gallant

Born to a Pentecostal evangelist in British Columbia in 1965, Tim Gallant grew up to challenge long-held beliefs about allowing children to participate in the Lord's Supper (paedocommunion). One of the first dramatic occurrences in his life came in his mid-twenties when he chose to become Reformed. He settled at the Orthodox Reformed Church of Edmonton before beginning his seminary in Indiana.

After his seminary studies concluded, Gallant began researching paedocommunion because a church that intended to call him wanted his opinion on the matter. This initiated quite a dilemma for Gallant who had intended to pursue candidacy from Classis Western Canada.

In order to be eligible for the call, Gallant had to agree to rules that did not allow paedocommunion. Without more research, Gallant wasn't sure of his stance on the subject. Yet he feared that he could never embrace it after taking confession. So, Gallant didn't sign the Form of Subscription.

After continuing his study of paedocommunion, Gallant grew to believe in it more and more. He wrote a book in 2001 called Feed My Lambs: Why the Lord's Table Should Be Restored to Covenant Children. By early 2003 it was already in its second printing. He has also given speeches on paedocommunion which are available in MP3 format at WordMp3.com.

Tim Gallant has pastored in Conrad, Montana (CRC), and is currently involved in a church plant in Grande Prairie, Alberta. On top of writing, Gallant lays concrete, designs web pages, plays guitar, and devotes time to the study of Paul.

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