Tidewater Valley

Tidewater Valley

A Story of the Swiss in Oregon

Land of the Free Series
by Jo Evalin Lundy, Margaret Ayer (Illustrator)
Publisher: John C. Winston
1st Edition, ©1949, Item: 87663
Hardcover, 246 pages
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Historical Setting: Oregon, 1889-90s

From the Alps of Europe to America's green Northwest: that is the background for this heart-warming tale of the Swiss who, in the 1800's, brought their ancient arts and industries to a fertile valley on the Pacific Coast.

To the dairy farm of stubborn, practical Uncle Karl and jolly, lovable Aunt Rosa, come orphaned Lisi Naegli and her crippled brother Chris from their home in Lucerne Canton. Sixteen-year-old Lisi's efforts to keep peace between Uncle Karl and young Chris, and her struggle to learn the ways of America make an endearing story, but behind her adventures and triumphs moves the larger story of the settlers' problems in finding markets for their dairy products and their attempts to make good cheese in a locality where popular opinion agreed it could not be done.

Here is a stirring tribute to the men and women whose cooperation built our great Northwest and who contributed to the industry and spirit of the Land of the Free!

—From the dust jacket

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