Thunderstorm in Church

Thunderstorm in Church

by Louise A. Vernon
Publisher: Herald Press
Trade Paperback, 134 pages
Price: $10.99
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Young Hans Luther has a problem. What should he be when he grows up? How can he ever do anything important when he is constantly overshadowed by his famous father, Martin Luther?

Hans struggles with Latin lessons. He fights with a peasant boy in the marketplace, listens to the wise advice of his aunt Lena, observes his father lecturing to university students. Hans plays with his brothers, little Martin and Paul, and has thoughtful conversations with Lenchen, his sister. Gradually he discovers who he is and how God wants him to live.

Through Han's eyes you will learn to know Martin Luther—not only as the great Reformer-preacher, but also as a father with a sense of humor and as a friend.

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