Through the Learning Glass

Through the Learning Glass

A Child's Nine Learning Windows You Don't Want to Miss

by Cheri Fuller
Publisher: Zondervan
Trade Paperback, 192 pages
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Cutting-edge research in the brain development of babies has ushered in a new, exciting era of raising children to their full potential. Researchers have now identified distinct windows of opportunity for learning different skills: language, musical, logical-math, and emotional. In one volume, this unique book describes all of these windows, together with the other critically important windows of curiosity, creativity, spirituality, physical development, and values. Cheri Fuller explains the age span of each window, what we know about the development of each skill, and what parents can do to enhance development and growth in that area. As parents become aware of these windows, they can maximize their child's learning capacity.

Through the Learning Glass reveals: how babies soak up conversation and preschoolers absorb a second language with astonishing speed the strong links between early musical training and later achievements in science and math how teaching a toddler to set the table imprints in him the crucial concept of one-to-one relationships—a capstone of math skills and much more! Parents play a vital role not only in learning, but also in emotional and spiritual development. Fuller explains that emotional bonds are some of the most important brain builders of all and that a parent's faith-modeling is more influential than even church or school experiences during the years of the spiritual window. Fascinating and a practical source of tips, Through the Learning Glass is sure to become a parenting classic.

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