Through Russian Snows

Through Russian Snows

A Story of Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow

by G. A. Henty
Publisher: Preston Speed
Library Binding, 304 pages
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Historical Setting: Russia, 1812 A. D.

When Julian Wyatt, an English lad, is caught by smugglers and taken to France and imprisoned, his chances of returning home seem remote. Unwilling to languish in a French prison, he enlists in Napoleon's Grande Armée and participates in the march on Moscow. A member of the rear-guard during the terrible retreat, Julian rescues a little girl who has been left for dead, and, through a series of providential circumstances, restores her to her family. His brother Frank, meanwhile, receives his commission as an officer in the British army, and because he is fluent in Russian, accompanies Sir Robert Wilson to Russia as his aide-de-camp. The unexpected reunion of Frank and Julian in St. Petersburg is a joyous one—although each brother finds the other much changed—and they make the long journey back to England together.

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