Three Gifts of Christmas

Three Gifts of Christmas

by Jennie Bishop
Publisher: Warner Press
Har/Com, ©2009, ISBN: 9781593173784
Hardcover, 32 pages
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From Jennie Bishop comes this new book, just in time for Christmas. Children and parents alike will enjoy this timeless story, revealing the truth about what the best gifts really are.

Christmas has come again to the kingdom, but the king and queen (she's the original princess in The Princess and the Kiss) have a serious problem: their precious daughter is becoming spoiled! No longer does she appreciate her gifts as she should, nor does she remember the true meaning of Christmas. Her troubled parents come up with a plan to cure the princess of her selfishness. This Christmas will be different - she will receive only three gifts, each one very precious. What will the princess do with the gifts she receives? Will she at last discover the true meaning of Christmas?

This is a hardcover book with Audio CD included: a dramatic reading of the book by Jennifer Wilson, an accomplished vocalist and Christian educator. With original music composed by Jay Rouse. Jennie Bishop is best known as author of these children's classics:
The Princess and the Kiss
The Squire and the Scroll

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