This Independent Republic

This Independent Republic

Studies in the Nature and Meaning of American History

by Rousas John Rushdoony
Trade Paperback, 163 pages
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First published in 1964, this series of essays gives important insight into American history by one who could trace American development in terms of the Christian ideas which gave it direction.
These essays will greatly alter your understanding of, and appreciation for, American history. Topics discussed include: the legal issues behind the War of Independence; sovereignty as a theological tenet foreign to colonial political thought and the Constitution; the desire for land as a consequence of the belief in "inheriting the land" as a future blessing, not an immediate economic asset; federalism's localism as an inheritance of feudalism; the local control of property as a guarantee of liberty; why federal elections were long considered of less importance than local politics; how early American ideas attributed to democratic thought were based on religious ideals of communion and community; and the absurdity of a mathematical concept of equality being applied to people.

Table of Contents:


  1. Language and Liberty
  2. Feudalism and Federalism
  3. Legality and Revolution
  4. Sovereignty
  5. The Right to Emigrate
  6. Liberty and Property
  7. Equality
  8. The Holy Commonwealth
  9. Democracy and Anarchy
  10. The French Revolution and the American Conservative Counter-Revolution
  11. Sphere Law
  12. American Anti-Universalism
  13. Non-Interventionism as a Constitutional Principles

    Appendix: Suggested Additional Reading
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