Thinking Skills for Tests Guide

Thinking Skills for Tests Guide

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All standardized tests measure the ability to think carefully and critically. Most parents and teachers prepare their students for standardized tests using practice tests that lack vital instruction in test-taking skills. This easy-to-use, fun product teaches students how to use highly effective critical thinking skills and other strategic test-taking skills to improve their test scores. Thinking Skills for Tests presents nine thinking skills that form the base of both verbal and nonverbal reasoning and logic:

- Listen
- Classify Objects and Concepts
- Build Vocabulary Through the Process of Elimination
- Relate Concepts
- Verbal Reasoning
- Reason With Analogies
- Arithmetic Reasoning
- Sequence - Recognize Patterns

An instructor must use this Guide to lead students through the activities in the workbook. This Guide also explains the nine thinking skills presented in the Workbook and teaches solution tips.

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