Themes to Remember Volume 1 - Text and Teacher Guide

Themes to Remember Volume 1 - Text and Teacher Guide

A "Theme Recognition" based method for teaching music appreciation

by Marjorie Kiel Persons, illustrated by Philip Nellis
Publisher: Classical Magic
©2006, Item: 89300
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Themes To Remember, Volume 1 is a 124 page hard bound book. The product is designed to help anyone particularly children) to recognize 40 classical music themes, to know the name of the composer of each theme, and to be knowledgeable about and love classical music. It is a light-hearted, fully illustrated book that includes portrait sketches of the 24 composers and definitions of musical terms. Piano, a quiet little cat, and Forte, a rather noisy little dog, will accompany you through the pages of Themes To Remember. The book also includes "good listening" suggestions for each of the four classical music periods covered in the book.

Teacher's Manual contains lesson plans and suggested activities for learning about the musical themes and composers.

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