Themes in Proverbs - CD

Themes in Proverbs - CD

Canon Press Audio Series
by Douglas Wilson
Publisher: Canon Press
Audio CD
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The book of Proverbs holds forth some very earthy truths. This series of six sermon CDs traces several of the book's main themes in regard to family life, foolishness, wealth, government, and women.

Sermon titles:

  • Bad Whiskey
  • The Biblical Family
  • The Wise and the Foolish
  • Wealth and Poverty
  • The Law and the Prince
  • Women in Proverbs

Great Extra!!!

For a fascinating series of sermons focusing on the structure of Proverbs, listen to the six sermons by pastor Dennis Tuuri (of Reformation Covenant Church) from February 22 through March 28, 2004. These are free MP3 downloads at RCC's website.

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