Thelma English American Literature Book List

Thelma English American Literature Book List

Publisher: Dover Publications
Item: 9704
Curriculum Bundle
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Popular local instructor Thelma English teaches an American Literature course at various venues in the area. You can read more about her by clicking here. We have prepared a package of the books required for her class, and have been careful to select the editions she uses.

This package includes:

You will also need a copy of Uncle Tom's Cabin, and you are free to use any edition you like. We recommend the Dover or Signet paperbacks as affordable and readable, but carry other versions as well.

Some students have an older book list that includes Anne Bradstreet's To My Husband and Other Poems and Thomas Payne's Common Sense. You don't need to purchase these. The Dover edition of Bradstreet's poems was out of print for years, so Thelma has created an annotated booklet of any poems required. Also, while Thomas Payne's Common Sense is still available, Thelma has her own annotated version of that text, so it will be provided as well.

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