The Turret

The Turret

by Margery Sharp
Publisher: Yearling
Trade Paperback, 144 pages
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From the same pen that delighted young and old readers with The Rescuers and Miss Bianca comes a third in a series of adventures starring the appealing white mouse Miss Bianca, with supporting roles played inimitably by Bernard, half-Irish Shaun, and a cast of hundreds. The Turret is a suspenseful tale filled with Margery Sharp's characteristic gaiety, warmth and humor.

This time, Miss Bianca is placed in the trying position of having to rescue her mortal enemy from a gruesome fate. It is with mixed emotions that the reader watches the wicked Mandrake in his unaccustomed part of wretched captive. The quality of mercy of which Miss Bianca is an advocate is truly strained in this situation. But ever-compassionate Miss B. puts her delicate shoulder to the wheel to perform the unpopular task of rescue, and in the process enlists the aid of everyone from obliging Shaun and his Prisoners' Aid Society Boy Scouts to the brave stallion Sir Hector.

Uninitiated readers have a treat in store as they observe Mouse Society at play, at work, and In Conspiracy. It is hard to forget the delightful picnic on the lily pads, set to Handel's Water Music, and dances such as The Dashing Brown Mouse and Mousetown Races. Nearby there was a lonely tower, with a mysterious scrap of white linen fluttering from the window—thus began this adventure which imperiled the lives of Miss B. and all her cohorts.

Margery Sharp is the versatile author of novels, including The Eye of Love, The Gipsy in the Parlour, Cluny Brown, and, most recently, Martha in Paris. The Turret is further proof of her talent for creating enchantment from light fantasy. Illustrator Garth Williams has again outdone himself picturing the doings of Miss Bianca's gallant crew.

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