The Tiger

The Tiger

Its Life in the Wild

by George B. Schaller, Millicent Ellis Selsam
Publisher: HarperCrest
©1969, Item: 90616
Library Binding, 72 pages
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From the dust jacket:

Undisturbed in the wilderness, the tiger is a majestic sight. It is the largest cat in the world, but it wanders alone, rarely seen by man.

Dr. George Schaller studied tigers in Kanha Park, a nature reserve in India. He followed their tracks, studied their social behavior, and observed them at water holes or feeding at a kill. Occasionally man and tiger came upon each other unawares.

Game hunting and growing human populations are endangering the tiger as a species. If it is to survive, an understanding of its habits is essential.

Millicent Selsam, the well- known writer of science books for children, and Dr. Schaller here describe the behavior of this magnificent animal.

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